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Halloween at Home

Ghosts and goblins and ghouls! Oh my! Halloween might look a little bit different this year with the COVID-19 virus still hanging around, but our air quality is still important and there are still plenty of fun and environmentally friendly options that will allow you and your family to celebrate. Don’t know how to celebrate this year? Check out these tips on how to have an eco-friendly Halloween at home in 2020.

Make your own Halloween candy. Instead of heading to the store to pick up candy wrapped in harmful plastics that are hard to recycle, why not try to make your own tasty treats for the family this Halloween? Check out this list of ghoulishly good Halloween treats and some healthy alternatives! Make sure to keep the treats you make in the household though, most parents will throw out homemade Halloween goods, so if you plan on leaving candy out for trick-or-treaters make sure it’s commercially packaged to meet FDA standards.

Watch your favorite Halloween movies. Sit back and relax with the family this Halloween with a scary movie and some popcorn. Staying at home will reduce the number of cars on the road and allow you time to enjoy some of those delicious homemade Halloween treats.

Make your own eco-friendly decorations. Ditch the inflatables and plastic skeletons this year and replace them with reusable and recyclable options like bats made from egg cartons, or jack-o-lanterns made from wine bottles. For a list of fun, sustainable ideas for decorating your house this Halloween, click here.

Carve it, then cook it. Don’t get rid of that pumpkin! Halloween pumpkins can be used for cooking as long they haven’t been painted, which makes it unsafe for consumption and no longer able to compost. Whether you’re just using the guts and seeds, or turning the whole pumpkin into puree, don’t let it go to waste. Check out some recipes here.

If you still plan on going out this Halloween, here are some tips:

Walk, don’t drive. If you’re still planning on taking your kids trick-or-treating with friends and family this year, keep your cars at home and take a stroll around the neighborhood. The less cars there are on the road, the more vehicle emissions are reduced, and the safer pedestrians are, especially late at night.

Try reusable bags. Plastic bags are a detriment to the environment, with over 100 billion of them being used by Americans per year. This year, try and use reusable bags and containers to help reduce the amount we utilize. Whether it’s a pillowcase or a repurposed t-shirt, it’ll make a difference.

Check out some socially distanced local events. With COVID-19 still hanging around, many events have had to alter or cancel their plans for Halloween this year, but there is still hope! If you are planning on attending events in the DFW area like Boo at the Fort Worth Zoo and Grand Prairie’s Forest of Fear, try to carpool with family to reduce air pollution further. Be sure to check event pages for information regarding any rules involving COVID-19 required by the host.

DIY your Halloween costume. Affordable and sustainable, making your own costume is an easy way to help the environment by avoiding a trip to the store and reducing the bad ozone in our atmosphere. Whether it’s you or the whole family, finding recyclable materials or old clothes to craft your costume is a fun and environmentally friendly way to celebrate Halloween. Need some ideas? Check out these easy, last minute costume ideas.

By engaging in an eco-friendly Halloween, we’re helping to make the quality of our air better. Stay safe and sustainable this Halloween!

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