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2023 DFW Clean Cities Annual Fleet Survey Due March 11

The Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities Coalition works with local fleets to promote strategies to reduce energy impacts and increase fleet efficiency, which saves money and improves air quality.

In 2022, 52 fleets reduced the equivalent of over 29 million gallons of gasoline through utilizing alternative fuel vehicles and equipment, reducing vehicle miles traveled, and enhancing fleet efficiency. These efforts help reach the Clean Cities goal to reduce fuel consumption by more than 16% each year and greenhouse gas emissions by 20% each year.

Fleets can submit their efforts to improve air quality through the Clean Cities annual report, which can be completed at By participating in the annual survey, fleets can show their commitment to improving air quality. By providing this data to Clean Cities and adopting the Clean Fleet Policy, they are also eligible for the coalition’s Fleet Recognition Awards.

The deadline to submit efforts for calendar year 2023 is Monday, March 11, 2024.


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