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EV WATTS continues to seek EV driver volunteers

Energetics and Clean Fuels Ohio are leading the project, in partnership with Clean Cities coalitions across the United States, ChargePoint, and Sawatch Labs. Energetics is also collaborating with several US Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratories to conduct data collection and analysis. DOE funding has made this effort possible.

Numerous Clean Cities coalitions across the country – including Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities - are helping with data collection by securing data agreements from local fleets and charging station locations. The EV WATTS team is working with municipalities, utilities, private companies, EV drivers, and many others to collect this valuable data that can be used to advocate for electrification efforts. Thanks to these partnerships, EV WATTS has over 800 vehicles and 40,000 charging ports that feed into the national data set.

EV WATTS is currently looking for additional volunteers to grow the vehicle data set. Individuals that drive plug-in electric vehicles (all-electric or hybrid) can join the EV WATTS project community and act as driver volunteers. Participants receive a free datalogger (a Geotab Go9 telematics device) which is easy to install and will collect driving and charging data. The provided telematics device allows drivers to access their data through a personal online Geotab account and will give them individualized information on their driving and charging patters. While drivers can engage with their personal data through Geotab, the public data that is compiled and analyzed is anonymous, only allowing detail at the regional level. Drivers interested in participating can fill out the online consent form here.

There are several ways to join EV WATTS—or just learn more

The EV WATTS website includes project resources, partners, and contact information. The EV WATTS Facebook and Twitter pages provide up-to-date information on project-related developments. Those interested in sharing data or learning more about EV WATTS can email the project team at

This project is supported by the US Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) under the Vehicle Technologies Office Award Number DE-EE0008890.


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