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Driving Electric is the Way to Go!

If you’ve ever considered owning an electric vehicle (EV), September is the perfect time to learn more to help you make a decision to purchase or not to purchase one. This year, National Drive Electric Week (NDEW) occurs on September 8-16. This event bring awareness to what it is like to own an EV and highlights the benefits. If you are in the North Texas area, join the North Central Texas Council of Governments on September 8, from 10 am to 1 pm at Grapevine Mills Mall to celebrate the event. At this specific event, you can test drive some plug-in and hybrid vehicles and speak with experienced EV owners to determine if one is right for you. Visit the NDEW website to learn more and/or register for the event.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, EVs are cheaper to run, cheaper to maintain, better for the environment, provide healthier benefits with less emissions, include safety improvements, and deliver energy security. So if you are interested in saving money and helping the environment, purchasing an EV just may be the thing for you to do!

If you still need convincing, think about the fact that you can actually charge your car at home, work, and any other place that contains an EV charger. This means you don’t have to worry about making it to the gas station before you run out of gas and hoping you don’t have to wait in line for your turn when everyone is jumping to the pump before and/or after work. EVs are also much quieter on the inside and outside as compared to conventional vehicles, which can provide you with the silence you may need after a long workday. You can even receive privileges people with gas-powered vehicles do not. For example, prime parking spots near entrances. Click here to learn even more about the benefits EV driving can offer your life.

Even if you don’t think an EV is right for you, you can think about purchasing a car that runs on any resource that helps reduce emissions. Rebates are available when you lease or purchase an electric, hydrogen, natural gas, or propane gas vehicle in Texas. Up to $5,000 is available for light-duty motor vehicles or compressed natural gas vehicles and up to $2,500 for electric or hydrogen vehicles. Visit the TCEQ website to learn more and/or apply for the rebate.

Still on the fence and a little bit wary of EVs? Visit us at the National Drive Electric Week event in Grapevine on September 8 to learn about how you can reduce air pollution and change the world by committing to electric.

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