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Waze Carpool Launches Pilot Program Offering $2 Trips in Dallas-Fort Worth

Waze Carpool has introduced a pilot program to the Dallas-Fort Worth area allowing commuters to utilize Waze Carpool for a flat rate of $2.

NCTCOG and Try Parking It, the region’s ride-matching and commute-tracking website, have partnered with Waze to allow carpoolers to log commutes to earn points that can be used to enter additional contests, purchase rewards and earn milestone prizes.

Through the pilot program, passengers who wish to carpool with a Waze driver will be able to download the Waze Carpool App and request a ride. The carpool app is separate from the Waze Navigation app. Riders chip in to cover the cost of gas. The result is that passengers get an affordable and convenient ride, while drivers get gas money and enough passengers to use carpool lanes.

As an example, assuming that the average trip for commuters is 20 miles, or $10, Waze would subsidize an average of $8 per trip. Waze may be able to subsidize more or less, depending on the average price.

Waze Carpool is available for Apple and Android devices. For more on the Try Parking It Program, visit or download the TryParkingIt app in Apple and Google Play Store

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