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Dump the Pump & Clean Air Action Day

Since gas prices are always fluctuating and driving everyday can get tiring, the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) supports the annual National Dump the Pump Day. APTA and public transportation systems across the country will be celebrating by encouraging the general public to use public transportation, instead of driving to work, school, or activities on Thursday, June 15. Consider using Dallas Area Rapid Transit, the Fort Worth Transportation Authority, or Denton County Transportation Authority on Dump the Pump Day to help reduce vehicle emissions in North Texas.

Taking part in this event could lead to economic benefits as well as environmental benefits. Riding transit more often could work for your family. If it does, it may lead to more frequent use. Transit can lead to lower gas and maintenance costs due to fewer miles added to the vehicle. Driving less will also help lower the amount of vehicle emissions in the air.

Dump the Pump Day isn’t the only event promoting public transportation and air quality. Air North Texas’ annual Clean Air Action Day will be held on Friday, June 23. On this day we encourage all North Texans to take a step toward improving air quality and commit to at least one clean air action. A full list of clean air actions could be found at On Clean Air Action Day, make sure to share how you celebrated with us on social media by tagging us, @NCTCOGtrans, and using #CAAD2017. You could win a prize!

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