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Help Our Giving Planet

How lucky are we to be able to call Earth our home? Earth provides us with all the necessities that we need to survive and grow. We are blessed with an abundance of water, food sources, breathable air, and so much more. Although humans have been showing appreciation to the earth for centuries, sometimes it’s easy for generations to forget just how much the Earth really does provide for us.

Today, we’re all busy juggling school, work, family and life in general. Nonetheless, giving back is a great thing to do! Luckily, there’s an entire day to remind us to show some appreciation to our planet. April 22 is Earth Day and we have a few suggestions for you to be able to show our planet just how much you really care.

Carpooling: If you are able to, consider carpooling to work, school, or activities. This can be planned a head of time; and if it works out, this can develop into a positive habit benefitting Mother Nature! Carpooling not only saves gas money, but it helps prevent excessive vehicle emissions that will, in turn, help reduce air pollution.

Buy local food: Test out a new recipe that you have been wanting to try with the addition of locally grown food from a local natural foods retailer. Stores such as Farm to Fork, located in Arlington, and Roy Pope Grocery, located in Fort Worth, are great options because they sell local and fresh foods. Buying locally can be beneficial due to the reduction of vehicle emissions from long- and short-distance transport of foods. Plus, fresh ingredients can make your meal taste even better!

Switch out your light bulbs: If you’re still using incandescent light bulbs in your house, consider switching to LEDs, CFLs, or halogens. Not only do they last longer and lower your electricity bill significantly, they comply with new energy standards and are much better for the environment.

Volunteer at Earth Day Texas 2017: This year, Earth Day Texas will be held April 21-23 at Fair Park. There are many areas that you can help -with, including special exhibits like the Tiny House Village, the Film Series, and many more. To become a volunteer, you can fill out a volunteer application online or contact Jennifer Hoffman at If you are unable to volunteer but would like to attend and support the event instead, consider carpooling with friends and family or taking the Dallas Area Rapid Transit green rail line!

There are many other ways to give thanks to our planet. You can find even more suggestions on how to help the air and our Earth here. Implementing these actions on Earth Day is a great way to test out what “green” actions are do-able for you. Once you find a good set of actions, considering celebrating Mother Nature all year.

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