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Try an Alternative Commute for Cleaner Air!

Summer is the perfect time to create memorable moments with friends and family. Sizzling cookouts, stargazing, and exciting travels are what makes a perfect July. While this is ideal, let’s go through alternative commuting options you can implement into your life this summer. It’s important to turn our attention towards this to protect the air we breathe and the sustainability of our planet. Here are some ways you can begin your journey to ensure a healthier future for generations to enjoy!

Fourth of July Carpooling!

This Fourth of July weekend, fill up your car with friends and take them to Denton’s Fourth of July Jubilee. The free family-friendly event will feature live music, food from local vendors, and a drone show at Denton Square! Carpooling reduces traffic congestion and carbon emissions that affect your air quality. Instead of having just one person per car, bring everyone with you and enjoy your favorite throwback playlist together! Not only does this make the trip more enjoyable than riding alone, but it also has some great advantages. It’s a cost-effective option as everyone can pitch in. Additionally, traveling with a group means less time looking for parking spots and access to high-occupancy vehicle lanes (HOV). HOV lanes are designated specifically for vehicles occupied by two or more people or a motorcyclist, providing a faster route to the destination.

Uber Green and Lyft’s Green Mode

Uber, the ride-hailing company, has launched a global commitment plan to be a zero-emission mobility platform in the United States by 2030 and globally by 2040. Although it’s not available in North Texas yet, it is in many major cities in the United States that are popular destinations during the summer. These cities include Austin, Miami, and New York City. To request Uber Green, simply confirm your destination and select Uber Green at the bottom of your screen. Then, Uber will match you with a vehicle that is hybrid or electric which produces 55% fewer carbon emissions than the average trip!

Lyft, another ride-hailing company, has committed to achieving 100% electric vehicles across their platform by 2030. Lyft’s Green Mode is available in 14 cities, it’s only a matter of time before North Texans get access! Travelers visiting these urban areas can take advantage of these eco-friendly transportation options. To get access to Lyft’s Green Mode, you’ll need a business account first. After opening the Lyft app, scroll down and select “Green” mode and request an EV or hybrid vehicle.

If you’re leaving North Texas and visiting one of these cities, take advantage of these great options to expand your way of helping reduce emissions across the nation.

Be Active!

Get your daily steps in by walking to your nearest city bus stop to meet up with friends and family this summer. If you’re not looking to walk in the scorching July heat, check out your nearest bike sharing station! Simply download the BCycle app, choose your membership option, and choose the bike of your choice. Shared scooters and e-bikes are also available in Dallas. Staying active helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and other chronic conditions. There are many positive benefits of active transportation: you’re taking care of the environment, saving money on gas, and creating a better version of yourself by being physically active.

Public Transportation Options and Benefits

Vehicle emissions contribute to the depletion of our ozone layer that shields us from harmful ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun. If you’re looking to go somewhere around the city, take advantage of the different public transportation methods in your city. It’s cost effective and you get to meet new people along the way. There’s nothing better than a scenic view of your city while actively reducing carbon dioxide emissions and traffic congestion!

TEXRail offers a route to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport through Fort Worth, North Richland Hills, and Grapevine for those traveling outside of Texas. The 27-mile commuter rail line offers a more efficient and economical way to get to the airport than sitting in traffic. There’s also plenty of other public transportation options in North Texas such as Dallas Area Rapid Transit otherwise known as DART. DART buses and trains are available in Dallas and its 12 surrounding cities from 5 AM to midnight!

It’s essential to diversify your mode of transportation because it reduces air pollution and improves both your well-being and the environment. Add these methods to your summer bucket list and show everyone what you’re doing to keep our air clean!


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