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SMARTE Webinar Series: Tools and Resources for Owner-Operators

Date: Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM CT

Going it alone in any occupational type can appear to be overwhelming at first thought. Little to no support, time spent learning and navigating steps and keeping up with a changing job landscape – all are realities facing independent truckers in modern times. And we have a couple of resources we can offer to lighten such a load – so to speak.

To help expand the knowledge base and make others aware of some tools available to those hauling goods across routes of varying sizes, we invite independent drivers and other industry stakeholders to join our next Saving Money and Reducing Truck Emissions (SMARTE) Webinar series session, titled Tools and Resources for Owner-Operators.

Chris Oliver, Chief Marketing Officer of Trucker Path, is an authority on the sophisticated operational web that drivers encounter and the available tools that can make their lives better -- one being the industry-leading Trucker Path app that provides truck-safe navigation, parking availability, fuel discounts and a host of other features that can make truckers' journeys more safe, efficient and productive.

Ron Zima, CEO of GoGreen Communications, launched his IDLE FREE campaign at his kids’ elementary school 17 years ago. Ron will share insights from his research and behavioral modification approach that results in dramatic cost, carbon, and exhaust pollution reductions for fleet operators. GoGreen’s tag line for operators is: “Cut costs, look like heroes!”


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