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Congratulations to the City of Cedar Hill!

Based on the criteria in the Air North Texas Partner Agreement and information provided in the annual progress report, the City of Cedar Hill was named “Air North Texas Partner of the Year”!

The City of Cedar Hill organized a year of events reaching over 95,000 people. The city’s signature event, Earth Month, encouraged residents to unplug for one hour during the day throughout April. As part of the city’s sustainability efforts, it introduced the Cedar Hill Green Awards, offering recipients up to $3,000 for local sustainability projects. With over 900 promises given, the “Arlo Promise” inspired community members to commit to clean air actions by promising directly to Arlo.

City of Plano
Outstanding Initiative

Plano was recognized for Outstanding Initiative in promoting air quality through its Sustainability and Environmental Education Division (SEED). The city used multiple platforms like its website, social media, print materials, webinars, and community events to raise awareness. For instance, Plano shared air quality information and initiatives on Facebook and discussed topics like "Bike to Work Week" and "Fall Tree Giveaway" in the Live Green in Plano newsletter.

City of Denton
Outstanding Outreach

Denton received praise for their Outstanding Outreach by actively engaging with its community on air quality topics and the Air North Texas campaign. The city organized 15 events, such as the UNT Sustainability Fair and Air Quality 101, emphasizing its commitment to raising awareness and educating the public.

 City of Grand Prairie 
Outstanding Education

Grand Prairie was honored for its Outstanding Education efforts in promoting Air North Texas. The city informed residents about air quality and Clean Air Action Day through engaging Facebook posts, billboards, newsletters, and other promotional activities, contributing significantly to educating the community about the campaign.

City of Grand Prairie 
 Arlo Ambassador 

Grand Prairie was named "Arlo Ambassador" for their outstanding utilization of Arlo to promote Air North Texas. The city integrated a monthly Arlo post to its social media and shared Air North Texas resources, showcasing a creative and impactful approach to engaging their audience. For example, Grand Prairie featured Arlo in a Facebook post about the harmful health effects of breathing ground-level ozone. Additionally, an Arlo selfie photo frame was available at the city’s “Cyclin’ with the Mayor” event, allowing attendees to pledge to clean air initiatives. Notably, city staff celebrated Clean Air Action day by wearing Arlo graphic t-shirts.

Past Award Recipients

Learn about how partners have shown exceptional support of Air North Texas in years past below.




City of Denton
City of Plano
City of Grand Prairie
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