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Congratulations to the City of Cedar Hill!

Based on the criteria in the Air North Texas Partner Agreement and information provided in the annual progress report, the City of Cedar Hill was named “Air North Texas Partner of the Year” for the first time!

Cedar Hill worked to develop a wide-reaching campaign that utilized the strengths of social media advertising, print marketing, and community outreach events to promote the Air North Texas campaign. Cedar Hill’s most prominent contributions included promoting the Air North Texas campaign in their water bill newsletters and “Earth Month” flyers reaching more than 60,000 individuals. They also hosted Air North Texas content on their website year-round and updated their “I Love Clean Air” selfie campaign among their other social media promotion of the campaign. These efforts combined with their pop-up giveaways and in-person outreach events like their Back-to-School Rally were part of a community outreach effort that reached more than 16,000 in person.




Continue reading to learn about three other partners – City of DallasCity of Plano, and the City of Grand Prairie – who were recognized in outstanding performance categories for the 2021 advertising year.

City of Dallas
Outstanding Initiative

The City of Dallas was recognized for “Outstanding Initiative” for hosting a virtual Clean Air Action Day celebration focusing on renewable energy and strategies. The City of Dallas was also recognized for its continuing educational efforts using Clean Air Action Day materials and planning of future events like the 2022 North Texas Climate Symposium, Breathe Easy Dallas, and Branch Out Dallas, which distributed more than 2000 trees in 2021.

 City of Grand Prairie 
Outstanding Advertising

The City of Grand Prairie was recognized for “Outstanding Advertising” of Air North Texas for its use of social media, in-person outreach events, and mailing materials throughout the year. The City of Grand Prairie was able to provide repeated exposure to the Air North Texas campaign, encouraging clean air actions with their Clean Air Action Challenge.

City of Plano
Outstanding Outreach

The City of Plano was recognized for “Outstanding Outreach” because of their efforts this year using digital and print strategies to promote Air North Texas. The City of Plano was recognized for their use of social media, their “Live Green in Plano” newsletter, and educational programs to encourage their community to help improve our air quality.

City of Grand Prairie
 Arlo Ambassador 

The City of Grand Prairie has been named “Arlo Ambassador” for their outstanding use of Arlo in promoting Air North Texas. The City of Grand Prairie utilized Arlo in their print and digital newsletters and at in-person events, as well as, incorporated in the wrap of a new Chevy Bolt.

Past Award Recipients

Learn about how partners have shown exceptional support of Air North Texas in years past below.






City of Dallas
City of Grand Prairie
City of Plano
City of Grand Prairie
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