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Congratulations to the City of Grand Prairie!

Based on criteria in the Air North Texas Partner Agreement and information provided in the annual progress report, the City of Grand Prairie was named Air North Texas Partner of the Year for the fifth straight year.

Grand Prairie developed a year-long communications and community outreach plan that utilized an email campaign, social media advertising, newsletters, website content, and an internal employee campaign focused on supporting Air North Texas and Clean Air Action Day. This resulted in high levels of attendance for community outreach events like Cyclin’ with the Mayor at Prairie Lights. Grand Prairie also challenged major local businesses like Lockheed Martin and PepsiCo to compete to see who could commit to the most clean air initiatives through the Clean Air Action Challenge.




Continue reading to learn about four other partners – City of Garland, City of PlanoCity of Dallas, and the City of Denton – who were recognized in outstanding performance categories for the 2019 – 2020 advertising year.

City of Garland
Outstanding Initiative

The City of Garland was recognized for outstanding initiative for creating a dedicated page for air quality on their website. Garland also used social media advertising, newsletters, and held community outreach events that featured Air North Texas.

 City of Plano 
Outstanding Advertising

The City of Plano was recognized for outstanding advertising for their print and digital advertising efforts promoting the Air North Texas campaign. Plano advertised using social media, their Live Green in Plano newsletter, and a community energy campaign to promote Clean Air Action Day and other sustainable behaviors.

City of Dallas
Outstanding Outreach

The City of Dallas was recognized for outstanding outreach for its use of social media advertising, web content, and community outreach events like Branch Out Dallas to promote Air North Texas and Clean Air Action Day, encouraging residents, employees, and local businesses to help improve our air quality.

City of Denton
 Arlo Ambassador 

The City of Denton has been named Arlo Ambassador for the second consecutive year. The City of Denton added the Arlo widget to their website to help inform visitors of current air quality and used Arlo in their social media posts to promote Air North Texas.

Past Award Recipients

Learn about how partners have shown exceptional support of Air North Texas in years past below.





City of Garland
City of Plano
City of Dallas
City of Denton
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