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The Green Way: Your Texas Heat Survival Guide

With temperatures soaring into triple digits, it’s essential to conserve energy and reduce fuel emissions to improve the air quality in your region. Keep in mind that fossil fuels account for over 75% of global greenhouse gas emissions intensifying the heat-trapping effect that blankets our Earth. Small actions such as turning off and unplugging non-essential appliances or using public transportation can make a huge difference in your community! Here are ways you can make a difference this summer.

Optimize Thermostat Usage

In order to conserve the amount of energy being used in your household, try to get into the habit of setting your thermostat to a higher temperature when you’re away. Instead, use a ceiling or portable fan to circulate that cool air. Now, you’re helping relieve stress on the power grid and saving money! Remember, setting your thermostat to a lower temperature than normal does not cool your home faster.

Keep Cool Air In and Hot Air Out

Make sure your house is properly insulated to prevent hot air from entering. Additionally, check for air leaks around your doors, windows, and crevices.

Let your dishes air dry in the dishwasher. Opening it as soon as the cycle ends lets all the hot air into your kitchen.

Avoid cooking when it’s extremely hot outside. Instead try to cook during cooler hours, this makes it more comfortable to use the stove or oven. You can even opt for fresh meals such as salads or sandwiches that require little to no cooking!

Energy Conservation Tips for Commercial Businesses

  • Close interior blinds to block direct sunlight.

  • Turn off any lights and office equipment when not in use.

  • Turn off air conditioning outside of business hours.

  • Switch to LED lighting that provides the same brightness as traditional bulbs but uses 90% less energy.

Beat the Traffic with Public Transit

Nobody enjoys sitting in traffic during the sweltering summer heat. It’s uncomfortable and it exposes you to harmful UV rays. Instead, opt for public transportation! Taking the bus or train when going out during rush hour helps reduce traffic congestion and improve the air quality in your region! Check out some of DART’s 18 cooling centers. They are well equipped with everything you need to stay cool, including water and air conditioning. Moreover, DART is committed to quickly switching out buses with malfunctioning air conditioning to ensure everyone’s comfort throughout their trip!

Stay Updated Stay informed about current grid conditions by visiting ERCOT’s website where you can look at the available power capacity and the amount of power being used in real time! This valuable information can help you determine the best times to conserve energy in your home.

Encourage your Community

Encourage others to join in on these energy conservation efforts! There’s nothing better than lending a hand to your community and saving money all in one. It’s essential that we practice these alternatives whether it’s at your house or a commercial business. Be the one to lead your community into a sustainable future.


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