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Congratulations to the City of Grand Prairie!

Based on criteria in the Air North Texas Partner Agreement and information provided on the annual progress report, the City of Grand Prairie was named Air North Texas Partner of the Year for the third straight year. Grand Prairie developed a yearlong comprehensive outreach and communications plan centered on Clean Air Action Day, a regionwide event held every summer to call attention to the actions individuals can take to improve air quality. Grand Prairie built community and employee engagement through social media posts, air quality alerts, city newsletters and participation in local events to help raise awareness about air quality throughout the year.


Grand Prairie's efforts culminated with Grand Prairie’s Clean Air Action Day activities, including an art contest for city staff and the city’s annual corporate Clean Air Challenge. Industry leaders Lockheed Martin, PepsiCo and Siemens participated in the challenge, along with local employers such as Fruit of the Earth and Texas General Hospital.



Continue reading to learn about four other partners - City of Cedar Hill, Hood County Clean Air Coalition, City of Plano, and City of Dallas - who were recognized for outstanding performance in particular categories for 2017-2018. 

City of Cedar Hill
Outstanding Initiative

The City of Cedar Hill was recognized for outstanding initiative by featuring Air North Texas in a number of creative campaigns, community events and educational forums.

Hood County Clean Air Coalition
Outstanding Advertising

For the fourth consecutive year, the Hood County Clean Air Coalition was recognized for outstanding advertising. The Hood County Clean Air Coalition advertised through public service announcements on Granbury TV and local radio stations. Additionally, the coalition published ads in two local magazines.

City of Plano
Outstanding Outreach

The City of Plano was awarded outstanding outreach for using both traditional and digital strategies to engage residents and businesses. Programs and presentations for local businesses, city employees and volunteers emphasized the steps North Texans can take to improve air quality.

City of Dallas
 Arlo Ambassador 

The City of Dallas was recognized with the Arlo Ambassador Award for advancing the Air North Texas message through the campaign mascot. Dallas branded its air quality alert emails and social media messages with Arlo and featured him in a Clean Air Action Day promotional video.

Past Award Recipients

Learn about how partners have shown exceptional support of Air North Texas in years past below.



City of Cedar Hill
Hood County Clean Air Coalition
City of Plano
City of Dallas
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