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Renewables Aggregation Cohort Opportunity

To engage and support peer exchange and collaboration on environmental and sustainability initiatives, the North Texas RISE Coalition would like to make you aware of the following opportunity.

As local governments and institutions set ambitious renewable energy goals, on-site solar installations and utility solutions may not help them in meeting or exceeding those goals. The World Resources Institute (WRI) and RMI have developed a cohort to offer free workshops, tools, resources, and peer learning opportunities to help small groups of local governments (and/or other local institutions) procure large-scale renewables at economies of scale. The WRI/RMI team will be walking participants through the aggregation process and facilitating group alignment on key elements of a joint RFP for a physical or virtual power purchase agreement (PPA). The cohort will combine plnary sessions - on topics like legal and accounting challenges and risk mitigation - with small group discussion. The cohort has begun and will continue until June 2022 and will include monthly webinars featuring about 10 groups from regions across the country. There are no commitments required to join but attending the monthly virtual workshops is needed to be successful.

On behalf of the North Texas RISE Coalition, an informational webinar was held on April 23, 2021 and the recording can be found on the North Texas Rise Coalition website,

Those interested in signing up for the cohort, can fill out the following application, For any questions about the opportunity, reach out to Zach Greene at


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