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NTERP and NTFTE Calls for Projects

The North Central Texas Council of Governments is offering two rebate funding opportunities worth approximately $2.9 million for private sector entities as part of a slate of diesel emissions reduction projects.

The North Texas Freight Terminal Electrification 2020 (NTFTE) Call for Projects (CFP) is open to private freight terminals or distribution centers primarily receiving heavy-duty truck Transport Refrigeration Units and trailer TRUs and located in the 10-county ozone nonattainment area. Eligible projects include construction and installation of Electrified Parking Spaces for heavy-duty truck TRUs and trailer TRUs, electric power monitoring equipment and electric power connection kits. The funding can be applied toward up to 30% of eligible costs.

The North Texas Emissions Reduction Project 2020 (NTERP) CFP is open to private-sector fleets for high-use diesel vehicles and equipment operating in the ozone nonattainment area, as well as Hood and Navarro counties. This CFP covers replacement of older diesel on-road vehicle and non-road equipment with newer vehicles or non-road equipment; this also includes installation of Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay verified locomotive idle reduction technology for rail and switch yards. Grant funding will cover 25%-45% of eligible costs, depending on the project type.

More information is available at The next application deadline is July 9, 2021. Email with any questions.

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