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Halloween Clean Air Actions

Fall is finally here! The pumpkin patch is calling, and the ghosts, goblins and ghouls are getting ready for their yearly haunt, but this year there’s a twist. That’s right, they’ve got a job for you. This October, our friendly neighborhood cast of Halloween haunters are asking you to make clean air actions on Halloween so North Texans can breathe easy! Check out these tips on how to have a green Halloween.

Craft Your Own Creepy Culinary Creations

Prepackaged Halloween candy contributes quite a bit of plastic waste each year, so why not create your own? Check out this list of hauntingly good Halloween treats and some healthy alternatives! Make sure to keep your creations in the family though, if you plan on leaving candy out for trick-or-treaters, make sure it’s commercially packaged to meet U.S. Food and Drug Administration standards.

Catch a Flick with Casper

Pop some popcorn and plop on the couch and catch a flick with your favorite friendly specter. Staying at home this Halloween will help reduce the number of cars on the road, helping keep trick-or-treaters safe and reducing emissions. So, grab some of your homemade treats and enjoy a scary movie with your family and leave the haunting to Casper’s friends.

Creepy Crawly Carton Creatures

Plastic skeletons and inflatable ghouls are out of style, ghostly green ghouls and creepy crawly creatures made from recyclable materials are in. Whether it’s a bat made from an egg carton, or a jack-o-lantern made from recycled bottles, making the most of what you already have will help reduce Halloween waste. For a list of fun decorating ideas that’ll make Dracula jealous, check out this list.

Hold Off on Painting That Pumpkin

Painting your pumpkins might seem like a fun family affair, but there’s a better option! Carving your pumpkin instead of painting it means you can cook it or compost it after! When you paint your pumpkin it’s no longer safe to do either. Check out these delicious recipes for your pumpkin and some alternatives.

Still Planning on a Halloween Haunt?

Do Your Best Monster Walk

If you’re still planning on taking your kids out trick-or-treating, leave the car at home and take a stroll through the haunted houses of your neighborhood. Less traffic means less emissions and safer pedestrians, especially at night. So, grab your pillowcases and prepare for a heist of sugary treats and enjoy your spooky walk.

Bag Your Haul the Right Way

Reusable bags, pillowcases and old t-shirts are all great sustainable options for your trick-or-treaters to take on their Halloween adventures that won’t harm the environment. Plastic bags are a huge source of waste, and Halloween is a holiday that spares no expense when it comes to plastic use, so be a difference maker this year, North Texans will thank you.

Check Out Some Spectacularly Spooky Local Events

The DFW area has some special spooky spirit this time of year, and you can join in! Check out Grand Prairie’s Forest of Fear, or Boo at the Fort Worth Zoo if you’re looking for a family friendly adventure this Halloween. Try to carpool or take public transit if you’re headed anywhere special that requires transportation this Halloween, you’ll reduce air pollution and traffic in the region. It’s a team effort, so every action counts!

Make sure to check event pages for information on COVID-19 policies before you head out as well.

Invent Your Own Scary Characters

Dracula’s looking for some creativity this Halloween and he’s encouraging prospective spooky specters and scary skeletons to take some initiative this year. Try to come up with your own sustainable costume this year to help reduce the bad ozone and harmful contaminants contributed to our environment by trips to the store and plastic waste. Whether you’re using old bed sheets, t-shirts, egg cartons, and household items to make your costume, let your imagination run wild, and check out some last minute costume ideas here.

Taking these steps toward a green Halloween is sure to please our favorite ghosts, goblins, and ghouls, and help North Texans to breathe easy this fall. Stay safe and sustainable during spooky season! Happy Halloween!


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