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A Sustainable Way to Show Your Love

Valentine’s Day is closing in and there’s still time to prepare. Planning for your special day in the middle of a pandemic might seem a bit daunting, but there are plenty of fun and environmentally friendly ways to enjoy your day at home with your loved one or family. Here are a few tips for making your Valentine’s Day an eco-friendly success.

Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Card

Rather than buying a Valentine’s Day card to exchange with your partner or to give to your kids, make your own cards. You’ll cut down on the amount of waste produced by Valentine’s Day traditions and be able to add your own flair. Check out some fun Valentine’s Day crafts the whole family can enjoy here.

Wrap Responsibly

If you plan on wrapping any of your gifts paired with a card, you can also use non-plastic string, recyclable paper, newspaper, or brown paper to wrap your gifts. Consider using things like old jars or boxes left over from past holidays as well to help reduce the negative impact this holiday has on our environment.

Give a Garden Gift

Instead of getting a bouquet of roses or other assorted flowers, try giving your loved one a potted plant or gift card to their favorite plant supplier. Having plants around provide a multitude of benefits, such as improved mood, reduced stress, and better indoor air quality. Here are some plants you can pick up to improve your indoor air quality; make sure the plant you choose isn’t toxic to animals before taking one home. Choosing live plants will help improve air quality and will keep your gift around for more than the few days a bouquet will last.

Wine and Dine at Home

Whether it’s dinner or dessert, make your Valentine’s Day culinary experience unique. If it’s not safe to go out for Valentine’s day this year, cooking at home is the next best option. Enjoy the experience of cooking your favorite meals and sharing in the fun of trying new recipes together. For dessert, instead of buying chocolates or other candies wrapped in plastic and paper, make your own Valentine’s day treats for a fun and delicious experience that you can share with your kids or a partner. Check out some of these delicious dinner and dessert recipes with a little something for everyone to enjoy.

Plan a Stay-at-Home Date

Take the opportunity to go hiking on a local trail, bike your favorite route, or stay at home and watch your favorite movies. Keeping cars off the road will help improve our air quality and keep you safe from exposure to COVID-19. If the outdoors isn’t your style, craft gifts for each other, whether it’s a blanket or quilt made from old clothes, or a painting you created yourself, this is a more sustainable way to spend your Valentine’s Day.

Take Public Transit

If you still plan on going out to dinner or visiting a public place this Valentine’s Day, consider taking public transit. The DART, Trinity Metro, or DCTA is available when you’re planning your travel. Make sure you check CDC guidelines on public transportation use before leaving on your trip and make sure to bring hand sanitizer or a small packet of disinfectant wipes with you. Taking public transit keeps cars off the road and improves air quality.

Taking these steps toward an eco-friendly Valentine’s Day will help you save money and the environment. You might even find some new traditions along the way.

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