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Sustainable Summer Activities

With Texas summer in full swing, North Texans are beginning the process of getting back to a new normal. While no one knows for sure what that will look like, there are still plenty of fun activities for the whole family while summer camps, organized sports, community pools, music festivals and other large gatherings are mostly on hold.

Here are a few suggestions to get your summer off to a green start, plus tips for enjoying them safely—even during a coronavirus summer.

  • Visit parks and recreational facilities, but practice the CDC’s recommended social distancing guidelines by staying at least six feet (two arms’ lengths) away from people who don’t live in your household and avoiding crowded places and group gatherings—especially if you live with at-risk individuals.

  • With cars mostly staying parked in garages, people are out and about in neighborhoods and on trails— walking as well as riding. This is a great time to get out and explore the great outdoors while staying cautious about the air quality in North Texas!

  • Biking is making a big revival, with bike shops backed up with orders for new bikes as well as for assembly and maintenance. Follow the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration’s guidelines for bicycle safety, including:

  • Always wear an NHTSA-approved helmet that fits properly; has information on COVID-19 helmet cleaning

  • Drive defensively and follow street signs, signals, and road markings; even though car traffic is down, accidents can still happen

  • Follow all traffic laws and rules of the road and water

  • Barbecued meals, roasted vegetables, and toasty s’mores … yes please! Cooking food on a grill or over a fire pit says summer vacation like nothing else. Opt for a cleaner burning grill like propane or natural gas instead of charcoal; a simple way to help out mother nature in this Texas heat!

The world is already dealing with a global pandemic, let’s make it easier for North Texans to breathe a little greener this summer by choosing to opt for activities that create positive air quality, without negatively affecting the fun!

Clean Air Action Day (CAAD) is coming up on August 5. Commit to doing at least one thing to help improve air quality on CAAD! Submit your commitments here:

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