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CNG Fleets Needed for Study Comparing Natural Gas and Diesel Vehicles

Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities (DFWCC) is partnering with Clean Fuels Ohio on a Department of Energy funded project, NGV Updated Performance Tracking Integrating Maintenance Expenses (U.P.-T.I.M.E.). The project will compare the maintenance cost data of medium- or heavy-duty natural gas and diesel vehicles operating in the freight and goods movement and will provide fleets and natural gas vehicle (NGV) industry stakeholders relevant, real-world information detailing NGV maintenance costs. DFWCC is seeking fleet data partners to share their maintenance and repair data for this project. The data will help improve total cost of ownership calculations and determine the maintenance cost differences between NGV technology generations and current advanced clean diesel engines. Fleet data partners will receive a report containing a graphical assessment of major parameters by vehicle powertrain, year, and model as well as answers to important operational questions.

To find out more about participating in this study, please contact Amy Hodges at or 817-704-2508 or DFWCC at

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