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A Summer Staycation

Credit: Texas Parks and Wildlife

While the official start of summer is not until late June, most North Texans are already feeling the summer heat. When some of us think of summer, we think about taking a plane to our vacation destination or taking a car on a road trip. However, this year, we may have to skip the airport and opt for a staycation. For students, the best part of summer vacation is taking the time off to relax and recoup after a long school year of hard work. For parents, the best part of summer vacation is having more time to spend with their kids. When you take long road trips, additional greenhouse gasses are emitted into the air that can harm our ozone. Although going on a destination vacation can be fun, parents can take this summer to teach their kids about how to live a greener lifestyle and how to reduce carbon emissions in the air by simply having fun at home.

Staycations goes beyond just taking a walk around your neighborhood or sleeping in bed all day (which some of us have been doing since March). Staying in town will be a great opportunity for you and your family to discover, or even rediscover, the best things in the area.

  • Potluck/cookout – A great way to relax is by spending time with family. Everyone in the house can participate and “bring” something new to the potluck. If you do decide to host a family cookout, you might want to consider using cleaner burning propane or electricity to fuel your grill. By doing so, you are reducing the amount of carbon dioxide that would be released into the air.

  • Digital binge – Catch that movie at home on one of the many streaming services available or try out a few different podcasts to get your day going.

  • Explore the outdoors – While keeping social distancing going, enjoy what your community has to offer. Reside in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex? Relax by the lake or explore the rugged limestone and rare prairie pockets of Cedar Hill State Park.

  • Pampering day – There are many DIY face masks, hair treatments, and scrubs that you can find online. A spa day at home will help improve air quality by eliminating a car trip to the spa.

  • Leisure reading – Even if you love reading, there’s not always time for you to read an entire book. Here’s your chance to pick up the book you’ve been longing to open. Reading in the comfort of your own space is a great way to relieve the air from unnecessary carbon emissions that comes from driving.

It can be exciting to go somewhere after being cooped up for the past few months. Whether you feel like nesting or if cabin fever is getting to you, consider positively contributing to the region’s air quality by limiting your vehicle emissions.

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