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Texas Clean Fleet Program (TCFP)

The TCEQ is accepting applications for the Texas Clean Fleet Program (TCFP).This program has approximately $7.7 million available and funds the replacement of light-duty or heavy-duty diesel vehicles with new alternative fuel or hybrid vehicles. Up to 80% of the project cost may be funded. This program is competitive, and grants are awarded based on a combination of emissions reductions and cost-effectiveness.

Eligible applicants:

  • Any person or entity who owns, leases, or commercially finances a fleet of 75 or more on-road vehicles that are currently registered in Texas and includes at least 10 on-road diesel vehicles.

  • Eligible applicants must also have the legal authority to destroy the vehicle(s) being replaced.

Vehicles being replaced must:

  • Have been owned, leased, or otherwise commercially financed by the applicant for the last two years

  • For the last two years, have been continuously registered in Texas and operated 75% of its annual use in Texas

  • Be certified in good operating condition with at least two years of remaining useful life

Replacement vehicles must:

  • Be new and powered by an alternative fuel or hybrid technology

  • Certified to emit at least 25% less NOx than the vehicle being replaced

  • Be the same type, weight classification, and body/axle configuration as the vehicle being replaced

  • Operate at least 25% in one of the eligible counties within the Clean Transportation Zone and 75% in Texas

Projects must replace at least 10 diesel vehicles. The application deadline is June 30, 2020.

The TCEQ will be hosting informational webinars explaining the grant requirements and the application process. Times, dates and instructions for joining the webinars will be posted to the TERP website at Have questions? Contact the TCEQ toll-free at 800-919-TERP (8377) or by email at

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