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2020 Local Government Energy Reporting

Under  Texas Health and Safety Code §388.005(c), all political subdivisions, state agencies and institutes of higher education in an ozone non-attainment area or an affected county are required to establish a goal to reduce electricity consumption by at least five percent each year. Each political subdivision must submit a report annually to the State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) regarding the entity's progress and efforts to meet the five percent annual reduction goal. Reports will be due February 1, 2021 and will cover CALENDAR year 2020. The 2020 reporting form has been released and can be found on SECO's website.

To assist entities in completing the required reporting, the South-central Partnership for Energy Efficiency as a Resource (SPEER) has developed a comprehensive frequently asked questions (FAQ) guide to help answer questions or concerns about the new reporting form/process.

Additionally, NCTCOG, SPEER and SECO will be hosting a webinar on January 12, 2021 to discuss “Local Government Energy Reporting: 2020 Updates and Newly Developed Resources”. For more information and to register for the webinar visit,


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