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2020 DFW Clean Cities Annual Fleet Survey

The DFW Clean Cities Annual Fleet Survey is here! North Texas Fleets are recognized by filling out the DFW Clean Cities Annual Survey to showcase their accomplishments over the past year. Fleets who fill out the survey can indicate what goals they would like to accomplish in the future and how DFW Clean Cities can help.

Your fleet information is important in helping DFW Clean Cities reach a regional transportation energy reduction goal by beating last year’s reduction of 26 million gasoline gallons equivalents and help get North Texas recognized on a national level!

The online survey and instructions can be found at Annual Report | dfwcleancities! Don’t know if your fleet has been recognized in the past? Check out the DFW Clean Cities Fleet Recognition webpage.

Please forward this information on to any fleet staff within your organization.

Deadline to submit a survey is March 12, 2021.

Email us at with any questions.

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