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Electric Vehicle Showcases Across the Region

On Saturday, October 5, DFW Clean Cities made their way to Granbury to help Hood County Clean Air Coalition facilitate an electric vehicle (EV) display at Lake Fest. Two plug-in hybrids, the Toyota Prius and the Chrysler Pacifica, were on display for all Lake Fest visitors to get hands on experience with an EV.

The Tesla Owners Club of North Texas took to the State Fair of Texas on October 13 to show off their electric vehicles (EVs) and share their EV knowledge with interested fair attendees! An estimated two thousand people made their way through the “Classic Corral”, to hear from passionate EV owners about the benefits of driving electric. DFW Clean Cities joined in with informational posters about EVs stats in North Texas. Learn more about the Tesla Owners Club of North Texas and their upcoming events here.

Select EVs are currently eligible for both state and federal incentives, adding up to $10,000 a vehicle! Additionally, North Texas residents can take advantage of several locally available incentives that go above and beyond the state and federal incentives. For full details on what local incentives apply to you, visit our website!

Please contact us at if your organization is interested in hosting an EV “ride and drive” or to request an EV display as part of your next event!

Source: Tesla Owners Club of North Texas

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