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North Texas Freight Terminal Electrification Call for Projects

The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG), under the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Diesel Funding Assistance Program, is offering approximately $1 million in grant funding through the North Texas Freight Terminal Electrification Call for Projects (CFP) for projects that reduce idling from transport refrigerated units (TRUs) of heavy-duty diesel trucks and trailers.

Specifically, grant funding will be used to assist in construction and installation of EPA-verified electrified parking spaces (EPS) at truck terminals and distribution centers in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) ten-county ozone nonattainment area that will we used to power TRUs while heavy-duty trucks and trailers are on stand-by or currently loading or unloading. NCTCOG will provide grants to cover up to 30 percent of eligible project unit costs. Recipients must provide 70 percent of total project costs through non-federal funding. For more information, visit, or email

NCTCOG partnered with the University of Texas at Arlington to conduct a study to observe the effectiveness of truck stop electrification (TSE) and propose recommendations on how TSEs can be made more effective. The study observed idling behaviors at truck stops and one truck terminal. Researchers surveyed truck drivers, truck stop/ terminal owners/managers, and TSE and electrified parking space system representatives to better understand the perceptions of truck stop electrification. The study identified common reasons for idling engines during rest periods while having access to TSE/EPS systems and what proper incentives would encourage more TSE/EPS usage. The study was completed May 2019 and the final report can be found at

In August, NCTCOG was recognized by EPA SmartWay as a “SmartWay Affiliate” for sharing information regarding efficient freight transportation during Earth Day through article placement, social media, and website updates.

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