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Clean Air Action Day

Clean Air Action Day (CAAD) is on June 21, 2019. What is CAAD? Housed at the North Central Texas Council of Governments, CAAD is a day when Air North Texas asks North Texans to pledge to do simple things in their everyday lives to positively impact air quality. Some examples include but are not limited to, bicycling or walking to work, packing lunch in a reusable bag, buying locally grown foods, taking public transit and/or purchasing an eco-friendly vehicle. CAAD was created to educate the public on air quality measures and has been around for a whole decade. During this time, it has helped people determine what they can do to help improve air quality both inside and outside the home. The hope is to reduce the number of high ozone level days in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and protect people’s health.

Where do I start?

This does not mean that you can only do one action on June 21 to improve air quality. You can also make it a habit in your life to think about and act on how you can make air quality better every day in multiple ways. A great first step in the fight for better air quality is signing up for air pollution alerts at You will be made aware when ozone levels are unhealthy, so you can take extra precautions and limit actions that negatively affect air quality on those days.

How do I continue?

You can continue to take action after that first step by visiting for resources and information on programs that can help you continue improving air quality in your daily life. These resources include how to find ways in which to carpool, use mass transit, reduce idling, enforce smoking vehicle law, conserve water and electricity and much more.

Visit and select the actions you plan to take to make a difference in improving air quality. Then show us and others what you have done by posting on social media, using #CAAD2019 and tagging @NCTCOGtrans.

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