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May 16 Volkswagen Funds Meeting

Mark your calendars and plan to attend the first of several workshops hosted by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality on May 16, 2019, at the NCTCOG offices to discuss Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust funds. Grants can replace or repower on-road Local Freight Trucks, Refuse Haulers, School Buses, Transit/Shuttle Buses, or Port Drayage Trucks at the funding levels defined in the table below:

*Cost of Necessary Infrastructure for Battery Electric or Fuel Cell Vehicles Also Eligible

Grants for Port Cargo-Handling Equipment or Airport Ground Support Equipment can replace or repower with electric at 80% for government owned projects or at 50% for non-government projects, which includes the cost of charging infrastructure. Grants for Ocean-Going Vessel Shore Power will also available at 80% for government owned projects or at 25% for non-government projects. Check for the latest updates and workshop information.

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