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DFW Clean Cities Requesting Annual Fleet Surveys

The North Central Texas Council of Governments in part with the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Clean Cities Coalition works with local fleets to promote practices and decisions to reduce petroleum consumption, which saves money and improves air quality. In 2017, DFW Clean Cities was able to reduce more than 23 million gallons of petroleum across 32 fleets using nearly 7,000 vehicles.

This data is compiled in our Annual Report, and provided by local fleets through their Annual Survey submissions. The Annual Survey allows staff to track regional progress thanks to the participation of fleets in the area that do their part to reduce their fuel consumption and emissions.

Submitting an Annual Survey not only demonstrates a fleet’s commitment to cleaner air, but also makes them eligible for the coalition’s Fleet Recognition Awards. The surveys are due no later than February 15.

Learn more and find our Annual Survey at

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