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Visit 511DFW for your Trip and Transit Needs

The official logo of the DFW 511 program. The new 511DFW is a leading source for road condition information for Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) trip planning needs.

To save time and energy, you can quickly access free information on traffic and transit conditions before you begin your commute, and real-time information is available while you commute. The new 511DFW contains travel data from other apps, including Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze.

Local cities and municipalities also submit data to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate traffic information possible.

The 511DFW service is easy to use. Download the 511DFW app from the App Store or Google Play on any mobile device. Visit or simply call 511 from a mobile phone or landline in the DFW area to receive the latest traffic and transit information.

Additionally, 511DFW also has a public transit trip planning feature. Here, you can set your origin and destination, as well as the date and time you want to leave. Alternatively, you can plot your start and end points on the map.

Real-time traffic and transit condition information for incidents such as crashes and road construction is also available. Use the personalized My511 and the customizable map of DFW with freeway camera images and message board information for current traffic conditions.

Information is also available on traffic speeds for freeways and arterials, weather alerts, bus stops and more.

The 511DFW app has all of the same traffic information optimized for your phone – or feel free to call 511 on the go. To learn more about 511DFW, you can also follow us on Facebook.

Save time, hassle and money – visit today.

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