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Stay Safe and Green this Halloween

Halloween is a time of ghosts, goblins, tricks, treats, and candy galore. However, it’s also a time when safety and the health of the environment is a concern. Here are a few tips and tricks to have a safe and green Halloween in 2018!

  1. Walk, don’t drive. If you plan to visit your neighbors while collecting candy with friends and family, why not simply walk around? This will keep cars off the road, keep trick-or-treaters more secure, and help reduce vehicle emissions.

  2. There are even a few Halloween events in the DFW area including the Grand Prairie Street N Treat, Denton’s Day of the Dead Festival, Boo at the Fort Worth Zoo, and more! Also, why not carpool with friends and family to these events to help reduce air pollution even further.

  3. If you plan to gather candy in a neighborhood not of your own, consider taking public transportation.

  4. Have your family use reusable shopping bags, pillowcases, or buckets when trick-or-treating. Eliminate the use of plastic bags, which contribute to waste and pollution.

  5. Even though children love candy, consider providing them or your Halloween houseguests with healthier and nutritious food options. Think of adding locally grown foods to your meals or even make your own snacks. Here’s a yummy granola bar recipe from the Food Network. Also, make sure your children have a good meal before trick-or-treating to help reduce snacking on candy.

  6. Find or make Halloween costumes made with natural fabrics and materials. Most costumes contain non-recyclable petrochemical-based plastic and synthetic fibers that aren’t good for the wearer or the environment.

  7. If you enjoy carving pumpkins, don’t get rid of the insides before you create your masterpiece. Use the pumpkin pulp for cooking and place the seeds in the oven with a little salt and pepper to create a tasty snack.

  8. Be smoke free while you are walking around the neighborhood. Not only will your own lungs appreciate you staying smoke free, but the environment will as well.

  9. Decorate your house in an eco-friendly way by using recyclable and reusable items such as egg cartons, milk jugs, mason jars, and trash bags. Need some craft ideas and directions on how to make some? Look no further than simply clicking the link.

Simply making a few eco-friendly changes to your Halloween plans can help you and your family have a fun Halloween while staying safe and keeping the environment in mind.

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