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Should You Go Green to Keep Your Lawn Green?

Now that summer is almost upon us, lawn care is on many people’s minds. Did you know there are more options than ever to go green with your lawn maintenance? Electric is a great alternative to traditional gas-powered mowers, blowers, and chainsaws, particularly for home maintenance. Electric equipment is clearly better for the environment, producing less air pollution, but is also quieter, generally smaller, lighter, and easier to store, produces less vibration, and lasts longer because there are fewer moving parts to wear out.

Electric lawn care equipment also alleviates the burden of keeping gas, which is flammable and poisonous, on your property. Instead, it can be charged by simply plugging into a standard wall outlet. There are also more options on the market than ever before and many are available at your neighborhood hardware store. They include push and riding lawnmowers, leaf blowers, edgers, and chainsaws. Electric mowers come in corded and battery-powered options. In this February 2018 article, Popular Mechanics reviews six currently available electric mowers. The website Tool Report also weighed the pros and cons of electric mowers and reviewed several models.

Additionally, alternative fuel lawn care equipment is not just for homeowners! Many local cities also include electric and propane equipment in their lawn maintenance fleets, including the cities of Lewisville and Benbrook, among others.

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