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Clean Air Action Day

What will you do this month to help improve air quality? No idea? Have not given it much thought? Well, do not panic. Clean Air Action Day happens on June 22. There is still plenty of time to create a plan of your own and participate.

Your options for making an impact on the world’s air quality are endless. Simply biking or walking to work and school, taking a packed lunch, switching to energy saving home appliances, and buying locally grown foods are just a few small changes with big impact potential.

To maximize their impact and in anticipation of Clean Air Action Day, several colleges and universities around North Texas already hosted events and challenges. Campus Clean Air Action Days are designed for fun but also to educate participants on ways to improve air quality. Students were encouraged to change just one daily activity into a clean air action. UNT’s Heath Science Center, an Air North Texas partner, committed so fully to the day’s events that their departments of pharmacology, family medicine, student affairs, public health, administration, and many more were actively involved. Brookhaven College’s, another partner of Air North Texas, Office of Service Learning & Civic Engagement also recognized and participated in Campus Clean Air Action Day.

Air North Texas partners, the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) and the campuses participating in the events promoted Campus Clean Air Action Day on social media through the hashtags #CampusCAAD and #AirNTX. If you participated in any of the campus events or just want to learn more about the campus pledge visit Air North Texas Campus Clean Air Action Day. Keep a look out for NCTCOG’s future Clean Air Action Day social media posts leading up to June 22.

If you still do not know where to begin with improving air quality, check out how to take action here. You can start right at work or home. This site lists some of the programs Air North Texas works with through the NCTCOG that may be of assistance. Also, visit the Air North Texas website to make a pledge, challenge yourself today, and spread the word about air quality awareness.

Clink the links below to receive more information on how North Texas communities are getting involved with Clean Air Action Day.

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