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Spring Has Sprung!

As Easter concludes and Earth Day approaches, here are some ideas to help save the planet we live on with an Easter spin. This way, you can continue celebrating the holiday with friends and family all month long.

Create Easter themed crafts using resources you already have within your home. For example, using old socks or toilet paper rolls to make bunnies is a great way for you and your family to have fun with items you are likely to throw away. This also removes the need to drive to the store to pick up supplies, in turn, reducing gas emissions, improving air quality, and decreasing traffic congestion. You can find the directions to make these Easter crafts and more here.

Host a trash bash! Pick up trash around your neighborhood or local park with your family and friends. For an exciting spin on this activity, make it an “Easter egg hunt.” Instead of picking up candy-filled eggs with a basket, you‘ll be picking up trash with trash bags and gloves. If you’d like to make it a little competitive, you can have a competition among the group for the most unique trash collected. This way you are enjoying time with your family and friends while also helping improve the Earth’s landscape.

Attend springtime and Earth day specific events in the DFW area. Some events coming up include ColorPalooza: A Celebration of Spring on Saturday, April 14 and Earth X from Friday, April 20 through Sunday, April 22. If you decide to attend these events and/or the ones listed below, visit the North Central Texas Council of Governments booth for information on transportation and air quality programs.

Other event options include:

If you want to attend these events, consider walking, riding your bike, carpooling with friends, or taking public transit such as DART, Trinity Metro and/or DCTA to limit air pollution and save money on gas at the same time.

Host a dinner party using locally grown foods from neighborhood farmers markets. This can help improve air quality by reducing the number of vehicles on the road. At home, you will also likely eat healthier foods, save money, and help decrease traffic congestion.

Spend more time outdoors to save on electricity and take in that springtime feeling! Play in the rain, smell the roses, and bring those birds and bunnies to the yard. Plant flowers, put out bird feeders, and use cedar chips or aromatic herbs in a garden. Do not use pesticides, and instead of a gas-powered lawnmower, use an electric or manual one when landscaping your lawn for springtime entertaining.

Consider implementing these ideas with your family in April to have a fulfilling Easter holiday season improving air quality and transportation.

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