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Happy Galentine’s/Guyentine’s Day!

February has arrived, which means love is in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches. During this time of year, many gifts are exchanged, cards are bought, chocolates are eaten and flowers are given. Yet, after a “Valentine’s Day” episode of Parks and Recreation aired in February 2010, in which the term Galentine’s Day was coined, commercially, Valentine’s Day started to become a little less about spending time with a significant other and more about spending time with your gal pals. Thus Galentine’s Day was born and celebrated by many in the coming years. Now, you do not have to be a girl to celebrate with your friends for Valentine’s Day. Guys can have just as much fun with their friends during this holiday time especially if you are a guy who enjoys crafts and creativity as well as saving time, money, and the world. We’ll call it Guyentine’s Day.

If you will spend time with your best friends this Galentine’s or Guyentine’s Day, continue reading for some great DIY ideas to create an awesome celebration without spending a large amount of money or using a lot of new resources. So not only will you have fun with your friends and create wonderful gifts, you will do it in an economical and renewable way. (If you would rather have the traditional Valentine’s Day, these ideas are also great to use when spending time with your significant other).

These DIY projects are a great start in limiting spending on gifts that just create more environmental waste and limiting the amount of time you are on the road going to the store increasing emissions and decreasing air quality. According to, “[in 2017] total spending for the holiday is expected to top $18.2 billion, an average of $136.57 per person.” And letter and cards are topping the purchasing charts with 190 million greeting cards exchanged near the holiday. That is a lot of paper, ink and time bought and sold. That is a lot of money going into a purchase that will likely be disposed of by the receiver in the near future. Not to mention, the flowers given will likely die within two weeks as well. If you choose to make DIY projects you can use items you have right at home and keep your car in the garage to help reduce air pollution, traffic demand, and overall improve transportation and air quality.

Well look no further because here are those DIY projects that will change the way you look at gift giving. You will have some fun, quality time with friends during Galentine’s/Guyentine’s Day 2018 while improving roads and the air you breathe. The plus is yourself or the receiver of your gift will love and want to keep it.

  1. Good Housekeeping highlights ways to use greenery and things you probably already have at home such as tissue paper, crayons, coconut oil and dish soap in a unique way. Country Living provides similar ideas as well. Using these ideas will keep you off the road reducing emissions, improving air quality and reusing resources all at the same time.

  2. BuzzFeed shows ideas for sentimental gifts that anyone would love and want to keep that involve enjoyable activities such as painting and baking. Instead of going to the store to grab a box of chocolates or flowers you can make something like these ideas at home to help decrease traffic congestion around the holiday.

  3. You could plan an event to do all of this crafting together with your friends either on, before or after Valentine’s Day, but if you would rather go out on the town, carpool or rideshare to help both transportation and air quality. For example, go horseback riding in Denton or enjoy a meal at Reunion Tower in Dallas. Click here for more information on these ideas or other events in Texas.

If you think these ideas may be too much for you to handle, don’t worry, there are always great DIY cards you can make with items around your house that show how much you care by giving them a card they will actually want to keep.

Going in a DIY route for this year’s Galentine’s or Guyentine’s Day will help you save money, think renewably by using items you already have, give yourself or your loved ones creative gifts that will mean a lot to them while spending time with friends, and most importantly help improve air quality and road conditions. Even if you do not want to recreate these specific ideas, hopefully they helped spark a new idea you think you would like to carry out.

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