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Spring Breaking Locally

Backyard Camping

During the spring semester of school, the first and only extended break students have before summer is Spring Break. It’s the most anticipated week of the semester and we understand why. Students will finally get a much needed break from their school work and can have some fun. While having fun is important, remember to keep air quality and the environment in mind during Spring Break. We have some recommendations on how the entire family can be air aware during this exciting week.

  • Spring Break gives students an entire week of freedom from school, and most would like to use this time to go on a vacation. However, taking a road trip with your friends to a far-off location can cause harm due to the excessive vehicle emissions. Consider researching vacation spots closer to home that will save you the long drive and gas money. Interested in taking a scenic hike in the metroplex? There are a good number of State Parks in the region including the Cedar Hill State Park and the Dinosaur Valley State Park. If you’re looking for a different kind of park with a little more excitement, consider taking a trip to Six Flags Over Texas and Hurricane Harbor located in Arlington.

  • Vacation doesn’t always mean that you have to go somewhere. Vacation can also be a time for relaxation. Staying home can make you feel more relaxed than getting away, and can give you some much needed rest. You won’t have to stress about things such as hotels, gas money, or time management. Instead you can enjoy activities such as biking around the neighborhood, going for a walk, or simply catching up on movies. You can enjoy a staycation with some fun home activities such as camping out in the backyard, having a board game night, or even have a relaxed spa day at home. An added bonus to staying home is that there will be no unnecessary long drives that will release carbon emissions.

  • Spring Break can allow for the perfect family time that students need. Whether the kids are off at college or still living at home, parents and children need some time to reconnect. During the school year, students can get so caught up with homework and school activities that it’s hard to find time to spend with family. Plan some activities during Spring Break that can bring the family closer while being environmentally friendly. Going to the nearest park and having a picnic on a beautiful spring day is a great option, as well as looking for local outdoor activities or entertainment. DFW has some exciting Spring Break exclusive events in March including the Dallas Zoo Spring Break camps and Spring Break at the Dallas Museum of Art. Here is a full list of events that will be happening in the DFW area around the Spring Break time period.

Spring Break can usually lead to more vehicle emissions because some think that taking a trip to a faraway location means more fun and more relaxation. Yet, you can have just as much fun and relaxation by staying local! We wish you a great and green Spring Break 2017!

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