The Air Quality Garden

With the spring equinox on March 20, there are only a few weeks left before we move onto a new season. The spring season is a time of growth and new beginnings. Flowers begin blooming, animals awake from hibernation, and North Texans are rejuvenated by all the signs of spring. Before the official start of spring comes the beginning of ozone season. From March through November, the ozone levels affect North Texans’ everyday lives. It is essential that we stay up to date on the ozone levels in our communities, and do our best to support and improve our air quality. Planting a garden is one of the most popular spring traditions. Although gardens are beautiful, they can do more than just make ou

NCTCOG Sponsoring Car Care Clinics in April

The North Central Texas Council of Governments is partnering with local automotive repair shops to sponsor Car Care Clinics throughout April 2018 to help North Texas drivers whose vehicles have the check engine light illuminated. A vehicle’s check engine light turns on when there may be an issue that could negatively impact its emissions. These FREE clinics will provide drivers with an opportunity to talk to a technician about their vehicle’s issues, and AirCheckTexas Drive a Clean Machine on-site application processing for financial assistance will be available at select locations. To find a clinic, visit For additional information, send an email to NTXCarCare@nctcog.o

TCEQ Opens Second Round of AFFP Grant

If you have ever thought about switching to an alternative fuel vehicle but worried that not enough refueling options exist, TCEQ is trying to fix that. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) recently announced a second round of funding for the Alternative Fueling Facilities Program (AFFP) as part of the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan (TERP). The grant funds up to 50% of total construction costs associated with building new alternative fueling facilities for a maximum of $600,000. Eligible fuels include natural gas (CNG or LNG), biodiesel, hydrogen, methanol, propane, and electric charging. Most NCTCOG counties are eligible to apply (Erath, Palo Pinto, and Somervell counties ar

Tesla EVSE Incentive Program

Tesla will soon launch its much-anticipated Model 3. The electric vehicle manufacturer recently announced plans to subsidize installation costs and provide free charging stations to select workplaces and other destinations. Stations will include both Tesla proprietary units and universal charging stations. Tesla will contribute approximately $1,000 to the installation of each charging station, with the site owner covering the remaining costs. Ideally, Tesla would prefer to install stations at workplaces and destination where Tesla owners will regularly be parked for two or more hours. This includes workplaces with 100+ employees, either current or potential Tesla owners, and destinations suc

Little Lungs Need Your Help: Texas Clean School Bus Program

In January of this year, the TCEQ announced an expansion of its Texas Clean School Bus Program as part of the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan (TERP). This program funds the replacement or retrofitting of old (pre-2007) diesel buses. Older diesel buses emit significant amounts of pollutants, particularly NOx, that are especially harmful to children because their lungs are still developing. Exposure to air pollution is known to aggravate asthma and other chronic respiratory problems and increase student absenteeism. School bus replacements are a new option this grant round. If you know a school district whose buses need replacing (or retrofitting), encourage them to view this presentation. Gran

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