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A Green Halloween & October Car Care Month

10 Ways to Green Your Halloween This Year

This year, add some green into your black and orange festivities by trying these simple tips for a fun and environmentally friendly Halloween. An average family of four spends around $300 on Halloween decorations, costumes and candy. By attempting a few of these ideas, you’ll be reducing air pollution and environmental waste as well as saving your wallet some green.
  1. Ditch the new costumes. Instead of buying a new costume that you’ll wear once a year, try reusing last year’s outfit. Have a do-it-yourself party and come up with one-of-a-kind ensemble that you’ll know no one else will have. Scour the local thrift shops for flashback fashions you can recreate.  Or just wear your granddad’s clothes, you’ll look incredible.

  2. Host a costume swap party. Just not feeling last year’s Halloween costume and don’t have enough time to make your own? Hit up some friends and organize a costume swap!

  3. Carry reusable bags. When trick-or-treating with the little ghosts and goblins, save money and use last year’s container, an old pillowcase, or reusable bag to hold the goodies. Skip on the plastic Halloween bags.  Americans use an estimated 380 million plastic bags every year. During production, plastic bags require millions of gallons of fossil fuels. Plastic bags can tear easily – skip the tears and skip the plastic.

  4. Treat the environment. When the neighborhood monsters show up at your door this Halloween, give them treats that also treat the environment gently. Choose organic chocolates or lollipops and buy locally to support your local economy. Another option would be to skip candy altogether and hand out pencils made from recycled materials, soy or beeswax crayons, or even pumpkin seed packets.

  5. Exercise. When trick-or-treating, stick close to home and walk or bike to collect Halloween treats. Help reduce fuel consumption and air pollution! If you must travel by car, carpool with friends or other family members.

  6. Don’t be a litter bug. Keep candy wrappers in the trick-or-treat bags. Prevent candy wrappers from becoming Halloween trash on the street and help pick up any litter along the way when you’re out trick-or-treating.

  7. Planning a party? Send out email invites to your attendees. Use reusable plates and utensils. That way, you’ll fill the dishwasher and not the landfill.  Skip the plastic decorations. Head to your local farmer’s market to pick up some fall favorites – pumpkins, apples and any other seasonal fruits and vegetables. You’ll be able to enjoy the goodies after Halloween, too!

  8. Consider composting. Not sure what to do with your carved jack-o-lanterns after Halloween? Check out your local garden center to learn more about composting leaves and food scraps after the holiday.

  9. Set the mood. The soft flickering of traditional candles gives Halloween its spooky feel – and what's a jack-o-lantern without one? The paraffin in wax candles releases toxic chemicals like toluene and benzene through smoke and soot. Clean up your home and keep your lungs healthy with organic soy candles, which last longer and come from renewable soy bean crops. Another alternative is the flameless candle – you can still create the Halloween vibe without the fire, making it a safer holiday for the family!

  10. Don’t spook yourself out. Vampire power is also known as phantom load, wall warts and ghost load. These spooky terms refer to the electricity that many gadgets and appliances waste (even if they’re switched off) just by being plugged into a socket. Slay the vampires and phantoms by plugging your gadgets onto the same power strip and switching off the power when it’s not in use.

October is Fall Car Care Month
Richard McComb, North Central Texas Council of Governments

Fall Car Care Month is a national effort aimed at providing information on the importance of vehicle care and maintenance. Proper care will not only prolong the life of your vehicle, but will ensure you are getting the best possible gas mileage and minimizing emissions. To aid motorists in understanding the basics on how to care for your car, NCTCOG has partnered with automotive repair shops throughout the region to put on car care clinics during the week of October 13th.

Find out how timely and proper vehicle maintenance helps reduce the air pollution in our region by visiting to find one scheduled near you.  For additional information, contact Richard McComb at / 817-608-2340.

Just do one green thing today—it will lead to many more.


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